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It is common for an injured party to think they do not need an attorney in order to recover the damages they deserve. However, it is extremely beneficial to have an attorney on your side fighting to ensure you obtain everything you are entitled to recover. An experienced personal injury lawyer is equipped to handle the aggressive attorneys hired by your insurance company whose sole goal is to fight your claims. A few other advantages to hiring a lawyer include:

  • Assist with your medical care. Attorneys who focus their practice on personal injury cases have numerous connections within the medical field. Your lawyer can not only help direct you to the most qualified healthcare professionals, but he/she can also assist with obtaining the medical records necessary to support your injury claim.
  • Handle your filings. Obviously, your attorney will file the required paperwork to begin your lawsuit, but he/she will also schedule the numerous deadlines that are imperative to meet for your case to be successful. This includes depositions, written interrogatories, mediation, and other meetings. Additionally, a lawyer will work to prevent the insurance company from dragging the litigation out in order to wear you down!
  • Collect evidence. Most insurance companies try to give out as little money as they can to settle an injury claim. Thus, it is common for an insurance company to require evidence that their client is liable for your injury, which may include items such as your medical records, witness statements, expert testimony, your phone records, pictures, and videos.
  • Obtain witness statements. It is important to have the proper witness testimony to support your personal injury claims. This typically includes expert witness testimony, which can often make or break your case. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have access to such professionals.
  • Negotiations. Your insurance company deals with injury claims every single day. They are experienced in understanding what an injury is worth as well as tactics to use in order to get a claimant to settle for less than what they deserve. Your injury attorney also has this type of experience and knows how to respond to the tactics used by the insurance company. Being able to understand the big picture and the number-crunching that goes into an injury settlement is critical in you obtaining the maximum amount.
  • Trial. If a settlement cannot be reached, having a knowledgeable attorney represent you in court is crucial. When you are injured in an accident, you need an advocate fighting to recover the fair and just compensation you deserve.

If you have questions regarding your injuries resulting from an accident, contact the Law Office of Alex Cha & Associates today.

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