Understanding COVID-19 Personal Injury Claims

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  2. Understanding COVID-19 Personal Injury Claims

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every part of our society all over the world. One area that is seeing rapid change is the legal world. New types of lawsuits are being filed while new regulations and guidelines are also being established. One new type of lawsuit is Covid-19 personal injury litigation. Do you have a valid claim for your injuries?

The first step in determining if you have a valid Covid-19 personal injury claim is whether your injury or damages were caused by another person or entity. For example, if you can prove you were exposed to the virus on a cruise ship, then your damages may include your medical costs and lost wages.

The next step is to establish the other person or entity’s liability. In our example of the cruise ship, any failure of the cruise line to follow health and safety guidelines may have directly caused you to get sick. If you can show a causal link between a person or entity’s action or inaction and your illness, you may be able to sue them for your damages.

In every personal injury case, it must be shown that the liable party owed the injured party a duty of care. In relation to Covid-19 personal injury claims, the standard of care is impacted by regulations requiring people to wear masks, social distance and other precautions to protect themselves and others. If the liable party failed to take required protections, such as an employer failing to require employees to wear masks, it can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. A party who owes a standard of care failing to take required precautions to protect others may be held liable for Covid-19 injuries.

One of the major obstacles in Covid-19 personal injury claims is proving exactly where you were exposed to the virus. However, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you determine whether you should file a lawsuit to recover your damages or not.

If you have been exposed to Covid-19 due to the fault of another person or entity, and you suffered damages, the most important action you can take is to obtain medical attention. Once proper medical treatment is underway, the next step is to seek legal help. You do not have to face the expenses alone. Contact the Law Office of Alex Cha & Associates to make sure you are protected legally.

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