Top 10 Distractions Causing Car Crashes

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If you have been driving in the last few years, you likely have noticed the significant increase in distracted drivers on the roads. In our fast-paced society, there are numerous distractions for drivers. Below is a list of some of the most common distractions that cause car accidents:

  1. Cellphones. Studies have shown that the use of cellphones has become an addiction for many people. In fact, it is extremely difficult for many people(especially teens) to ignore a notification that they have received a voice mail or text message. However, looking at your phone screen while driving endangers your life and those of everyone on the roadway with you. If the message is that important, pull over where it is safe to stop the vehicle and look at your phone.
  2. Eating or Drinking. When we are short on time, it is normal to try to multi-task, which often includes eating or drinking while driving. Whether it is spilling your drink or taking a bite of food that is too hot, there are many ways that eating, or drinking can distract a driver.
  3. Applying Makeup. Similar to eating and drinking, putting on makeup while driving is a significant distraction. It takes your eyes and your attention off the road. This negatively impacts your reaction time and increases the chance of an accident occurring.
  4. Reaching for an Object. We have all experienced items shifting while we are driving. Whether it is something that has fallen into the front floorboard or in the backseat, reaching to grab an object while driving takes your eyes off the road, as well as causing you to contort your body into an odd position. Both significantly increase the likelihood of you striking an obstacle in the road.
  5. Changing Radio Stations. When one of your favorite songs comes on the radio, it is often a reflex to immediately turn up the volume. Whether it is adjusting the volume, changing stations, or even performing your favorite dance moves, it is distracting and negatively impacts your ability to drive safely.
  6. Passengers.  Simply have others in your vehicle can lead to a variety of distractions. Whether you are having an argument or laughing at something, without meaning to, your passengers can create a dangerous driving situation. Additionally, when you have young children in the backseat that require your attention, you should always pull the vehicle into a safe location to tend to the child’s needs.
  7. Pets. While it is cute to see a puppy helping their owner drive a vehicle, it is extremely dangerous. Your pets should be in a harness or crate when they are being transported.
  8. Sleepiness. Driving can be relaxing and/or boring, especially when you are traveling a long distance. However, driving while you are drowsy is often the cause of fatal crashes. Being tired impairs your reflexes and alertness but nodding off, even for a few seconds can result in a serious accident.
  9. Outside Distractions. Although it is extremely difficult not to look when there is an accident on the roadway or something else noteworthy going on, averting your eyes from the road can cause a wreck.

10. Wandering Mind. Many drivers experience arriving at their destination without remembering the drive! This is often due to daydreaming or allowing their mind to wonder and think about things wholly unrelated to driving. It is important to find ways to keep your attention on your driving to prevent car crashes.

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