Most Common Injuries in Auto Accidents

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No two auto accidents are identical. The place, the type of vehicles involved, the weather conditions, the point of impact and numerous other variables all play a role. One benefit of being in a vehicle during an accident is the protection provided by the car’s safety features. Even so, there are several common injuries that occur in auto accidents, including:

  • Head Injuries. When a vehicle collides with another object, it is common for the driver and any passengers to be “thrown,” even when they are wearing a seatbelt. It doesn’t take much for you to hit your head on the window, steering wheel, dash or even the airbag. A head injury can be minor, or it can be very serious, even life-threatening. Whether you suffer a bruise or a concussion, it is always important to seek medical treatment after a head injury resulting from an auto accident. It is also important to understand that head injuries can be difficult to diagnose, so one visit to a physician may not be sufficient if you continue to have symptoms ranging from headaches to blurred vision to even more serious complications.
  • Broken Bones. The physical impact caused in a wreck can be forceful and much stronger than your bones can handle. A bone may fracture without the break causing an open wound. If the break is a compound fracture, the bone penetrates through the skin. You are typically aware if you have broken a bone due to the pain, but not always. If you are in a wreck and you have a body part that is extremely painful to move, a doctor can typically provide a quick diagnosis.
  • Back Injuries. A back injury, whether mild or severe, can be very inconvenient and painful. Spinal cord injuries can be severe and result in paralysis. Milder back injuries, such as herniated disks, are not as severe but can still be painful. A back injury is not always immediately obvious, so obtaining a thorough medical screening after an auto accident is important.
  • Whiplash Injuries. The term “whiplash” refers to an injury common in auto accidents where the neck is rapidly thrown back-and-forth. A whiplash injury is very common when a vehicle is rear-ended by another vehicle. The pain caused by whiplash may not occur immediately. It may take a day or two before you feel symptoms such as your neck feels stiff and you have headaches. It is important to seek treatment for whiplash injuries.
  • Psychological Injuries. An auto accident can be very traumatic. A wreck often happens very suddenly and unexpectedly, which can cause significant stress resulting in psychological injuries. In extreme cases, a person may develop a phobia to driving or even riding in a vehicle. It is also common for victims in an accident to experience severe depression, particularly if a loved one was seriously injured or died in the collision. Although this type of injury is not visible, it should be taken seriously, and treatment should be sought through counseling or psychotherapy.

If you have been involved in an accident and suffered an injury, the most important action you can take is to obtain medical attention. Once proper medical treatment is underway, the next step is to seek legal help. You do not have to face the expenses alone. Contact the Law Office of Alex Cha & Associates to make sure you are protected legally.

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