If you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident, determining who is liable for your damages can be a complicated matter. It is important to confer with an experienced attorney before your case is filed to ensure that the proper party or parties are included in the litigation.
Who may be liable in a bus accident?

When an accident involves a bus, the most likely parties at fault are the bus driver, the bus company and/or the local municipality. For example, if the bus driver runs a red light, he or she could be liable for your injuries. However, the bus company may also have liability for hiring a reckless or under-trained driver. In most accidents involving a public transportation bus system, there are usually multiple parties to blame.

What type of bus was involved in the accident?

How do you know where to start? If the local municipality’s logo is on the side of the bus, then the bus is likely managed by that city. Additionally, uses that run on a specified schedule and route are also usually owned or managed by a municipality, even if the bus does not have the brand on it. It can seem overwhelming to file a lawsuit against a municipality, but in many cases, it is a benefit. The insurance that covers a public bus is more likely to have higher coverage to meet your damages than insurance policies typically carried by an individual driver. This means that your personal injury attorney may find it easier to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf and avoid a trial altogether.

If your accident involves a private bus service, the lawsuit will be filed against the private bus company and its insurance company. Depending on the size and financial stability of the private bus company, your claim for damages may be a more difficult legal battle than one against a public transportation bus.


Any damage you have suffered as a direct result of the bus accident should be recoverable. For example, compensation for medical expenses, physical therapy, lost wages, ongoing care, and more can be sought in a lawsuit. If your claim includes a wrongful death claim, you can seek financial compensation for medical expenses and funeral costs on behalf of your loved one.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bus accident and suffered damages, contact the attorneys at the Law Office of Alex Cha & Associates. We can help you determine all the responsible parties and what compensation you may be entitled to recover.

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