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What should I do when I get into a Car Accident?

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What should I do when I get into a Car Accident?


We keep our guards up to prevent accidents, but unforeseen accidents do occur in our lives. Accidents of various degrees can cause injuries that lead to physical disability and loss of employment.

When accidents occur, it is important that we have a proper plan to deal with the aftermath. It requires thorough examination and treatment for severe injuries suffered by victims of car accidents. However, steep medical bills and other financial obligation due to accidents are often too burdensome. Financial damages from missing work due to injuries can also pile up. It is often believed that if you contact your insurance company, it will contact the defendant’s insurance company to retrieve your compensation. However, the amount of compensation is often not adequate to an extent that it can barely cover medical bills because insurance companies will try their best to minimize the size of your compensation. The entire process can be difficult and is often a hassle. Thus, many victims are unable to manage it properly such that they suffer large financial damages along with their physical injuries.

So why do I need a lawyer?

A victim can solely focus on treatment and recovery while a lawyer handles all other processes in dealing with the aftermath of the car accident. A lawyer will represent his client as a liaison to contact insurance companies, the court, the defendant’s attorney, auto body shops, and all other interested parties to win the maximum possible compensation for injuries and damages suffered by the victim.  An experienced lawyer can cope with difficulties effectively by expecting numerous variables associated with the lawsuit and the claim settlement. Also, a plaintiff can obtain a grace period from financial responsibility by having a lawyer because hospitals can place a lien on the lawyer for medical bills during the plaintiff’s recovery until the plaintiff receives the settlement claim.

So what should I do first if a car accident occurs?

First, if you are in a car accident, you should report it to the police or DMV and your insurance company. When you do so, it is important that you do not admit faults. You should be especially careful when speaking to an insurance adjuster of the other party involved in an accident. If your vehicle is damaged, you should contact a towing company and a body shop for repair. This tiresome process all ends after numerous phone calls with insurance companies and with a tiny sum of compensation in your hands. If it results in a lawsuit, the process becomes more complicated and time-consuming. However, if you hire an attorney from the beginning, you can have everything rest on your attorney’s shoulders. Thus, when you get into a car accident, you should, perhaps, consider hiring an attorney first and foremost.

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