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Have you been the victim of work-place harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or breach of contract?

If so, you have the right and the necessity to hire a lawyer and resolve the issues that you have.


Employment Law covers a wide range of information and laws that pertain to both employers and employees. The Law Office of Alex Cha Associates can help you with the excessive amount of confusing documents of Employment Law and represent you with experienced lawyers in employment law suits.


For over 15 years, the Law Office of Alex Cha & Associates has won cases for both employers and employees focusing on protecting the rights of the clients. If your rights have been violated, please call our office immediately for free consultation.

Employment Law covers many forms of cases:

Wage and Hour Law

– Misclassification, Unpaid Overtime, Meal/Rest Period


– Age, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Race, and Religions


Family and Medical Leave Act/ Americans with Disability Act

Wrongful Termination

Breach of Contract

Worker’s Compensation

If you ever feel the need to consult with an attorney about your issue, please call our office for free consultation.


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